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Banana fibers such as flax, jute, hemp, and pineapple etc plant fibers. are all made up of thick walled cell tissue and they are bonded together by natural gums and support the branches, stems, leaves and fruits. Although banana plants and fibers are available in tropical regions in abundance, their application potential has not been exploited fully. At present,other companys make the limited application of banana fiber ,for example, in making ropes, mats, and some other fields such as the composite materials. In recent years, more and more plant fibers were considered to be "environmentally friendly" fiberesources , and many countries are emphasizing the utilizing of these fibers.

2007, LIFEI have developed this new type of natural textile fibres, banana fiber.When ,we  developed banana fiber series yarns, banana fiber series fabrics, banana fiber clothings.Technical parameters of banana fiber:Average fineness 2386 Nm; average strength 3.93 cN / dtex; average length 50 ~ 60 mm(or 38mm). Banana fibers can be used for cotton spinning,OE-spinning, compact spinning, and other short-spinning technology system, also can be used Bast fiber 
spinning(ramie,flax,hemp spinning), Silk Spinning, wool spinning, semi-worsted spinning system, and other long-spinning technology system . This Technology of banana fibers, take over the lead in the world. The factory can product banana fiber industrialization, only LIFEI one. We are welcome other big textile company to make banana fiber industrial  stronger and bigger together!

A. Higher capacity of water absorption
Water absorbabilty and water-releas
Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the water-absorption and water-release ability of banana and some other comparing fibers.

Fig.1. Water absorption of fibers

Fig.2. Water-release of fibers

The modified fiber used in absorbency test is 15 min modified fiber.

It can be seen from the figures, the banana fiber has higher water absorbability and water-release. In Fig. 1, the banana fiber shows higher capacity of water absorption and higher speed of the absorption, only slightly lower than that of pineapple fiber. This is due to the higher content of non-cellulose materials in banana fiber, the lower crystallinity in the fiber structure. In Fig.2, it shows that the speed of water emission is also higher comparing with the other fibers because the decreasing of the moisture regain of both the modified and normal banana fiber are faster than that of other fibers.
B. Good luster,Gauzy, Cool

Technical banana fiber has good luster and banana fiber cloths have good drape.Banana fiber cloths are very Nobleness, Fashion,Health,Environment-friendly.

All ASEAN leader are all dress up Fruit clothing banana fiber cloths in 2007 ASEAN summit in Cebu philippines.

Because of higher capacity of water absorption,banana fiber clothing is very cool.

Identification of banana fiber
Test of banana fiber
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