Tencel yarn

Tencel heralds the beginning of a new age in fiber technology. Completely natural, Tencel is Lenzing Fibers’ brand name for Lyocell. A major break-through was made with the development of the unique nanofibril structure of this fiber. Tencel, made from wood pulp cellulose, offers a unique combination of the most desirable properties of man made and natural fibers: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton.
Tencel (Natural silk), the most typical environmental protection type fiber, is a kind of solvent type cellulose fiber developed by the Britain Acordis Company. It is called "Green Fiber in 21st Century" and won the International Green Environmental Protection Certificate.

1 .Tencel Specification:
Recently has following specifications

1.4dex 1.7dex 2.4dex 3.3dex
Average length

38mm 51mm
suitable for cotton spun and medium-long type spinning yarn)
60mm 80mm
suitable for wool spinning system)
Tencel has two models
one is standard type G100 fibrilation natural silk another is A100 typecalled fibrilation natural silk .

2 .Tencel’s characteristic:
Tencel has the ordinary viscose rayon’s advantages like fine hygroscopicity, soft and smooth and elegant, comfortableness, etc., it overcomes the ordinary viscose rayon’s weak point of low strength, especially the low wet strength. Its strength is nearly similar to the Polyester fiber’s.

Tencels physical chemical properties
white, bright, circle fiber section
Specific gravity
Moisture regain
Melting Point
Kindling point
about 400 degree

Tencel fiber’s performances:
1 has high dry and wet tensile strength, the ratio is 85%;
2 higher swellability;dry humid volume: 1 1.4;
3 unique fibrilation property;
4 Good spinnability.

 3. Tencel and blended yarn’s application situation:
1 Tencel / real silk and Tencel / spun silk, etc. series productsadopts Tencel A100 above 60s fine count and Tencel / spun silk blended yarn;
2 Tencel / hemp productsTencel / hemp blended and the interwoven product of Tencel and hempsuch as, Tencel14s×14s Flaxinterwoven cloth and Tencel 45/ Flax 55 blended cloth;
3 Tencel jean productsone of the main applications of the Tencel;

4 Tencel cotton type machine weaving products
      fine yarn products 30s-40s Tencel and cotton, bamboo, viscose, polyester and blended yarn weaving tabby, poplin, twill products;
     20-30s medium counts yarn twill, khaki, corduroy and fine canvas made leisure cloth.
5 Tencel cotton type knitting products
6 Tencel wool type knitting products: The natural silk has very ideal application

1) Tencel is a kind of man-made cellulose fiber, made of wood pulp abstracted from
woods in man-managing forest
2) Good moisture absorption, air breathing and static contradicting
3) Strong, easy to dye, well pendent, comfort to feel
4) Can be spun by itself and together with cotton, hemp, wool, silk, cashmere and
chemical fiber
5) Used to produce jeans, fashion garments, casual wear, industry cloth and
decorative fabrics
6) When dyed, Tencel fabrics can present the effect of peach-skin fabric on its surface
7) Waste of Tencel products can degrade and will not pollute

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